LTE technology from PLAY operator

I have office at small village where we have only one cable internet operator. On cable I have good connection with 32ms ping and all time I have 14mbps download and 0.8mbps upload speed. I read about LTE technology and I decide to test it. We have many operators which offer LTE, but I chose PLAY operator. Because we have good price for unlimited transfers.

Download Upload Ping
14mbps 0.8mbps 32ms

Network equipment

I bought modem LTE 4G Huawei E3272 s-153, LTE router and external LTE/4G dual antenna 15dbi. 

Speed without antenna

Without antenna I have no range at home. I have only outside the home and LTE range was very poor, only one bar. Connection speed was 2-5mbps. So I installed LTE/4G antenna and setting on the transmitter took me a lot of time. 

Speed with dual antenna 15dbi

Average speed I reached was 25mbps for download and 10mbps for upload.
The best result was 34mbps for download and 11mbps for upload.
The worst result was 10mbps for download and 6mbps for upload. Those worst speeds are always on evenings and weekends.

Download Upload Ping
25mbps 10mbps 40ms