My first photo camera Nikon D3100

I had a new camera Nikon D3100 with a kit lens Nikon 18-55 3.5-6.5G VR. I take some shoots and was really surprised with quality, in many cases pictures was really awesome. I was new so i used only 'auto' mode :).

Some first pictures

I used RAW format and ViewNX2 software to improve photo quality
(It is extended tool for image processing and is easy to use).

Nikon D3100

Cheap photo camera, good for an amateur photographer. It is built from a plastic so is really light. Take a look to a comparison with the old professional photo camera Nikon D90.


  • resolution screen is terrible (we cant check quality of photo),
  • small viewfinder (is useless when we use manual lenses),
  • no focus motor,
  • shorter battery life (for me it was 300 shots).


In 2014 we have a new model D3300, so I suggest to buy this photo camera or choose cheaper Nikon D3200 (it is really the same).